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External Hard Drive

Sun Aug 14, 2005 6:56 pm

Well I went out and bought an External Hard Drive thinking that USB would be supported, only to find it isnt. I dont think I am the only one to think this is strange erm USB connector on my PC works.... USB connector on the Roku as much use as a chocolate fire guard

I dont want to have to run my PC everytime I want to play music via the Roku onto my Multi Room audio system.

So my question is can I use NAS? If I buy a Buffalo 250gb storage system with ethernet support will I be able to create a share point and get the Roku to see it on my 192.168 network?

I like my Roku dont get me wrong, but its like a baby, shits on you when your mates are around giving a demo and constantly needs attention!

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Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:34 pm

umm, your PC is a PC. Your roku is an embedded device. The USB is there as a cheap interface for a wireless B NIC. BTW, USB 1.1 speeds aren't dazzling for hard drive use.

Now to get your goal of share content with no PC running, consider buying the linksys NSLU2. It serves up two ext hard drives, can be modified to run a boatload of software. Runs 80-100$. If you can't return the hard drive, this is probably your best move.

Buffalo's linkstation will run a bit more bucks, will offer a bit more performance with the internal drive, may be hackable though not with the same level of support as the linksys.

Any NAS that does CIFS/SMB/Samba (or NFS) sharing will work. But some require software on the windows PC. Those won't. Roku does support to some degree the Ximeta product, but probably only in the betas and caveats may apply.

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