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Why does this company IGNORE it's customers?

Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:42 pm

Well, I've posted here for some help with a networking problem with my HD1000, and sent a request for tech support via email which went unanswered, I have read numerous other posts from people with the same problems, and not only has there been no functional help from the roku staff here on the forums, but not even an acknowledgement of any problem. If they said, "hey everyone, thanks for paying $300 some odd dollars for our product, we know there is a problem with (insert issue here), we're working on it and hope to resolve it soon," that'd be swell. But it's like there are 3 people at this company, with no QA, but they will gladly take your money. The HD1000 is about 12 months ahead of every other company in the market, it's a shame they can't get things together and release a stable version of this thing. I'm going to exchange mine for another and give it another try, hopefully the next one works out.
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Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:20 am

You have it all wrong, these guys are doing a excellent job at customer support and i got answers to every question ive askedn usually within minutes of my post.
sry that your email got overlooked. i bet your email got lost in transit or was maybe missed after these guys been workin all day or somethin. ive received so much helpful feedback, and yes teh roku stuff is not 100% but if u read through these forums youll see they are working hard on it and it seems to be progressing fast..

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