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NAS trouble!!!!!

Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:12 am

This is killing me... :evil:
I love my Roku PB and the third party apps,but I'm have incredible trouble getting my D-link DNS-300 (300gig NT server) up as a share.
I've got no trouble on my desktop (XP), everything seems to be working fine.
Roku PB wont find the share automaticaly. BUT when I add an acount it has the DNS-300 and my desktop available. ALSO when I enter a manual share and type in 'DNS-300' the PB displays the right IP address. If I have the correct username/pin it even lets me choose my manual setup share. BUT, then when I go back to the main screen - nothing.
HELP.. :(
I should also mention that if I enable UPnP on my DNS-300 although it still wont share, it does appear on main screen. Keeps scanning and rescanning and my 300 files says 2900+ files. Can play audio with on board player but not video. OR any third party apps.
Running 2.0.35. No firewall.

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