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Interactive wrote:
Didn't know if possibly there was enough demand to justify him including this as a built in feature. It would be reasonably easy, I assume, for a guy who could write an application like SDesk, to add a function that is called by one of the User remote codes....right? Assuming that SDesk was running all of the time (which, if you do use SDesk, that would most likely be your intention anyway), then it could actually just work from within the app.

Ah, I see. No, that makes sense. And your macros sound like how I'd do it.
I haven't seen Sven around for a couple of months, but you could always email him I guess.
There is already in SDesk something very much like this
the file name of the scripts that will be invoked for the respective
remote button (while inside SDesk).

So, for example you could map the rotate button to macro 1, and info to macro 2. (not ideal of course). All that would be needed would be for SDesk to support the remote 'user defined' keys.
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well i kinda have done what you need

Thu Jan 05, 2006 4:20 pm

I use my roku with a 4:3 tv with s-video, and 1080i over head projector using component. I wrote this little script that is launched on boot. It basically checks the status of the device, either in standby or on, and will flip the video output each time the unit is turned on.. So for me to swap between the modes i just turn it off wait 5 seconds (that is how often the programs sleeps) and turn it back on again.. Only problem I have found is if you leave an app running and do it the the system locks up. Roku doesn't like having the video modes changed when an app is running. So stop viewing pics or listening to music before switching modes.

## this script will switch video modes based on powermode
## written by

## variable declaration

## Start of main script
echo script started `date` > $LogFile
echo #### startup environment ####
env >> $LogFile
echo " " $LogFile

## set script startup power current mode variables
echo get initial power mode >> $LogFile
ecp system power query | grep ON >> $LogFile
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ] ; then

## watch power state and if switched off then on then change videomode
while [ $dummy -eq 1 ];
echo performing check `date` >> $LogFile
/usr/local/bin/ecp system power query | grep ON >> $LogFile
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ] ; then
if [[ "$CurrentStatus" = "$On" ]] && [[ "$SavedStatus" = "$Off" ]] ; then
/usr/local/bin/ecp system videomode query | grep 480i >> $LogFile
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ] ; then
#videomode is svideo 480i switch to component 1080i
/usr/local/bin/ecp system videomode component 1080i >> $LogFile
#videomode is component 1080i switch to svideo 480i
/usr/local/bin/ecp system videomode svideo 480i >> $LogFile
if [[ "$CurrentStatus" = "$Off" ]] && [[ "$SavedStatus" = "$On" ]] ; then
sleep 5
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Thanks for the script. I may give it a try...

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Any ideas what the command is for pal component 1080i

i know the command for ntsc but cant work it out for pal

ecp system videomode component .....
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davidd wrote:
Any ideas what the command is for pal component 1080i

i know the command for ntsc but cant work it out for pal

ecp system videomode component .....

I think TheEndless has a solution for you problem. See the following thread:


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