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DHCP and static IP fail with Linksys BEFW11S4

Sun Mar 26, 2006 4:13 pm

I've been trying all weekend to get the roku to see my network. I've discovered that the roku really doesn't like one of my linksys routers, a wireless BEFW11S4.

At first I thought the roku's ehternet port was blown, but then I checked the status page on the linksys and I could see it had requested a DHCP address. I could even see that the linksys allcated an ip address for the MAC address of the roku, but the roku didn't accept it. Issuing the ifconfig command would always show eht0 as (with the older firmware) or it wouldn't list eth0 at all. I manually ran the pump command, and it would always report "failed". I even ran syslogd redirected to a file and I could see that pump was reading a response form the linksys (but that pump didn't like the response).
I also tried a static IP address, and the roku just would not ping the wireless router. Very very odd. I was about to setup ethereal and libpcap and I realized that I was just spending way to much time on this... :). I dug out my older wired linksys router, a BEFSR41, rebooted, and like magic everything (both DHCP and static IP) just worked. Yeah.

Do any users out there use a Linksys wireless router? Has anyone seen such odd ethernet behavior from their roku? I'm really surprised that the static IP assignment didn't solve my problems.
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Sun Mar 26, 2006 6:39 pm

For what it's worth,

I had the BEFW11S4 and it doesn't work with the Soundsbridge. I got a Linksys WRT54GS and have never looked back....
I sold the BEFW11S4 to a friend after that.

If you go to the compatable/incompatable webpage for the SB (via Roku's site), I think you will see the BEFW11S4 router on there.

Good luck, Matt

EDIT: Sorry, I htought it was a Soundbridge, not a Photobridge...Guess I should read...
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IP address being sent by Linksys router but not seen by Roku

Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:00 am

I just upgraded my WRT54G firmware to 10 from a 9.0x and now I am getting the same problem, IP address being sent by Linksys router but not seen by the Roku radio.

Considering this upgrade looks to be relatively new, I'd like to know if anyone else has run into the same problem.

I was having problems with my advance router options, so I upgraded. Now I may need to go back.

If anyone has any suggestions to fix this, any help would be appreciated. As stated below, it is amazing how much time one can eat up troubleshooting networks!
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WRT54G / Soundbridge not working

Tue Oct 10, 2006 8:57 am

I was working fine with a DLink624 which died. Got Linksys WRT54 and latest flash, and the soundbridge wont connect up. Like the other reports, the Linksys seems to assign an ip address and puts the soundbridge in the dhcp table, but no love on the SB side of things.

I rolled back my linksys from 1.01.0 the previous version 1.00.9 and we are once again working. I had to make a tech support chat with Linksys to get the older version of the firmware, but they did make it available with minimal fuss.

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