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Analog Audio problem with component connection

Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:15 am

Just got a brand new Sharp LC32D40U lcd hdtv to replace the old 4:3 junker
in the bedroom and figured I would upgrade my connection to component at 720p.
So far so good, managed to figure out how to change display modes with
the ECP commands to force the mode change. But I have a problem.

When ever the roku is on, there is an annoying high frequency audio
noise coming through the audio channels. Even unplugging just one of the
two audio channels makes the problem go away. Either one, does not matter.
Plus I can have the components hooked up on one input and the audio on another
and they do not interact. This seems to be Picture Bridge problem only
as the DVD player using component video and audio connects has no
problem whatsoever. Any ideas? Suggestions?


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