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TCL Roku TV 55P605

Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:17 am

The soon to be released Roku TV speakers will not work on the TCL 55P605. There is no way to pair the speakers. I bought an enhanced remote to test and it will not pair with the 605. The website says they will work with any ROKU TV. I feel this is an error on TCL’S part. Maybe an update or a work around is coming but as of now they will not work.
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Re: TCL Roku TV 55P605

Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:34 pm

The TCL 55P605 does not ship with the enhanced remote; therefore the enhanced functions for pairing are hidden.  I paired the enhanced voice remote from a Roku 3 with my TCL 55P605.  You have to enable full UI support for the enhanced remote in order to pair it by one of the following methods (from posts):
 1) SYSTEM RESTART of the TCL 55P605 TV from SETTINGS -- SYSTEM - POWER - SYSTEM RESTART menu and then using the pairing button on the enhanced Roku remote.
 2) Access one of the Roku secret menus with the existing TCL infrared remote:
      Home x 5, FF, Play, RW, Play, FF
          -> "RF Remote Menu"
          -> "Enable full UI support for remote"

I used method 2) and then paired my Roku 3 remote with the 55P605.

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