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AT&T kicking people off service for COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS

Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:40 pm

Here is the story: ... t=36315579

Story found on USAToday as well in the last 48 hours.

I think this is a very interesting topic to discuss here on The Forums.  Try to keep it civil.  

Please read the story.  I have read it, and I have begun to feel this is "FAKE NEWS", for now.

My reason for feeling this is FAKE, and/or an advertisement for VPN's is this:

1.  The story is VERY VAGUE.  WHERE did AT&T suspend these accounts?  I don't need to know names, and/or addresses, but telling me where(State?/Northeast USA?/South?/etc) would make it more believable IMHO.  The story is too nonspecific(for now.  More info could be coming later) for me to think it is real.  Hence the feeling that I think it is a scare tactic, or an advertisement to sell VPN's to people.  I believe more in the latter.

2.  12(Twelve) accounts will be shutdown/closed.  TWELVE?!  Doesn't that number sound kind of LOW too most people?  It does too me, and I would think more people are pirating copyrighted material.  If the story said 1,200(maybe a little less), the story would sound more plausible IMHO.

3.  Also, it seems the accounts in question had received more than NINE WARNINGS before At&T did anything(if this is true, of course).  Seems like a lot of WARNINGS before shutting these accounts down.  Also, who was sending these warnings?  Were these people/accounts Downloading material?  Simply streaming here or there, every once in a while.  Or hundreds, upon hundreds of hours of steaming/downloading?  Again, not enough info. Too vague

The reason why I created this topic because this is a very interesting subject IMHO.  PIRACY, as a whole, has SKYROCKETED, according to experts on the internet.

Perhaps not on ROKU devices(XTV/VEETLE anyone?) because it is a closed platform.  But on Android based devices(FireTV/Nvidia Shield/etc...) it has EXPLODED.

And people are predicting the worst is yet to come next year when GAME OF THRONES enters it's final season.  They say that is the most PIRATED show on the internet, and I wonder if the watchdogs are going to be in FULL FORCE come next April(or whenever it is supposed to premiere).

If this story is true(I still don't believe it, unless more specific info comes to light), I have no problem with kicking people off of their ISP, for good, for such actions.  Especially after NINE WARNINGS(again, if true).  

I HIGHLY doubt the producer's of this content will ever go after end users.  But NEVER SAY NEVER.  And this might be the best way to stop people from doing this.  Simply by cutting them off/banning them completely from being able to use their local ISP.  Whomever that may be.

Don't be SHOCKED if COMCAST, SPECTRUM, VERIZON, etc.. all institute this type of policy within the next year or so.  You will get ample warnings before being kicked off for good for PIRACY.  And, "MAYBE" they may REFUSE service to people using VPN's on their ISP services.  That could be coming as well.

Just wondered if anyone else saw this story, and if they believed it, or see this as the future since the content creators are now being owned by the ISP providers...

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