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Re: Dear Roku...

Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:44 pm

As we conclude the weekend -- yes, we still have Sunday night to go and there's an active spammer at the moment -- I'm gonna share my thoughts on the spam situation.

It's bad.

Sure, Tanner implemented a new sign-up process on Friday, and it cut back on the spam, but it's far from ideal. This is a help forum. The first time you came here, you were probably needing help. You were able to create a login, you were able to post your problem, and you got the help you needed. Probably.

Here's the thing. New Roku users that needed help may not have been able to get it here. The manual activation is only useful if someone is there to activate the account. And, after a day or two, that's putting a bad taste in someone's mouth.

The other thing is that spammers that registered prior to the lockdown are still able to spam. As I said, one's doing it right now, with hundreds posted in one of the forums. Other dormant spammer accounts can still be used to spam. So, just because the General Forum and the Off Topic Forum are clean (as of this posting) don't get cocky. There are still plenty of spam accounts on the board that can be used to clog the tubes.

And those new users needing help aren't able to ask.

Is it worth it? No. But while cutting off new users (albeit temporarily) existing users with issues can still get help. 

I am glad to see something being done. I don't have any better suggestions other than what I and others have suggested previously. I'm glad some action is being taken, and I look forward to a workable solution being implemented, whatever it may be.
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Re: Dear Roku...

Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:46 pm

The forum is not the only place we need to contend with spam. The Roku Channel Store is getting spammed as well. What is old Fredneck talking about? You are probably thinking right about now. Well it goes like this, a shady channel developer has no intention of adding good content to their channel. Instead they just link a bunch of free content found on 1000 other Roku Channels and just add different key words or titles so their channel can easily be found. Then they may put ten, fifty or hundred duplicated channels with all the same content using different titles.

Now they load up their ads, hoping that people will add and watch these channels before realizing they are pretty much the same content as a thousand other channels. It really does not matter to them because they score advertising dollars every time someone watches one of their many channels which are all basically the same.

Roku could end this and they should because these spammers are gaming the system and spamming their channel store full of garbage channels made for the sole intent of making money. Not that there is anything wrong with making money. But it should be done the right way. 

How can Roku fix this you ask? Easy, just do the same thing YouTube did. Unless the channel has so many subscribers Roku gets to keep all the profits from the ads. Or the ads simply won't show.
This would force developers to focus on quality over quantity or they would not make one cent.

Secondly, Roku should implement a way to bring the high quality channels to the forefront and maybe have a secondary store or another category for these lessor spam channels with no viewers. Maybe they could even kick them back to the drawing board if a channel does not meet a certain number of views in a given time. 

More of the same is not going to make Roku better. Less is more and better channels will make Roku a better media player.
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