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Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:55 pm

Elijah_Baley wrote:
Emissary35 wrote:
I wish someone would create a "private non certified channel" for Netflix, just a basic interface like the old one used to look like, so I can scroll in peace without preview trailers and watch videos without app pop up buttons asking to skip things and then shrinking the credits!

Netflix's HORRIBLE interface is the main reason I have canceled them and not resubscribed for over three years. But Netflix does not care because they have a huge number of sheep that will keep subscribing no matter how bad their interface gets.
The only way to get a good interface back on Netflix would be for a significant number of their subscribers to drop their subscription and give the horrible interface as a reason and that is not going to happen because people do not care that what they have should be better all they care about is sitting and watching what is fed to them.
Of course Roku could have an impact by refusing to certify the Netflix app until the interface is restored to reasonable functionality but that is also not going to happen as Roku does not see the need and, even if they do, they do not have the guts to get in Netflix's face.

Everything you said is 100% accurate!

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