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Spam Issue

Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:59 pm

These f'ing spammers are now putting you in violation of the COPA act and the CDA act.  I could report these forums for abuse of children.

read this:
and this:

I could even argue that FOSTA-SESTA is relevant here too:

Basically that what this is in clever disguise. Sex trafficking clearly.

Clean up your SHIP! Pay people to stop this stuff. It is a simple price to pay to keep your waters clean. Why is this website so prone to abuse of this kind? You are treading into violations against children now with this nonsense about sex with your mom and penis enlargement and things under 13 shouldn't read. To register for this website doesn't say you need to be 13. Why doesn't it? Why is spam and filth allowed to "ride the weekend" while nobody is at home at Roku forums? It smells of cheap cologne and alcoholic hangovers. Yo Roku stop binge drinking and clean up your body odor correctly with a shower and you won't need to douse that cologne on so thick. Ya feel me? You are very dirty right now Roku. Stinky. Wash yourself. Take a shower. Gargle some listerene and get sober. Thanks d00dz.

Watch Silicon Valley and their COPA episode. Now understand?

DO your part Roku. Do it. Help the internet become better instead of being part of the problem. The rest of the internet is able to stop this stuff. Why are you guys so cheap and poor and allow bad actors to pollute your webspace every single weekend for the past decade? Please be better guardians of this place. Value it more than you are right now. Give it higher priority and more cash to burn. Let them hire full time moderators for this place.

Thank you, signed Joe Q. Public

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