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On-Line Upgrade available for download

Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:53 pm

For those of you who do not have a CompactFlash card with which to upgrade your v1.5.18 firmware, here is a package that can be used from any media source --- flash card or network share. This is a revised version of a program I posted here earlier --- I've fixed the bugs and it is working quite well for me from every media source type. ...

To use it, just unpack it onto a flash card or a network share. Once your HD1000 scans your media, it will show a program named "upgrade". Select this program, and the upgrade will begin. Please familiarize yourself with the beta program notes, which can be found here:

WARNING: This program will NOT give you very much feedback. The "Please Wait" window will display momentarily, and then after four or five minutes the HD1000 will reboot into the "unset video mode", and you will have to use the left and right front-panel buttons to set your video mode as appropriate to your system.

WARNING: This program will ERASE your stock software and install BETA software. It will also ERASE YOUR SETTINGS. Upgrade to the beta AT YOUR OWN RISK. The only way to re-install 1.5.18 is via CompactFlash, and you will not get your old settings back.


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