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Radio station buffering frequently and Power Surge on Roku

Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:58 am

Hi there,

I am now experiencing 2 issues with Roku SoundBridge Radio R1000....

I have set several favourite channels on my Roku Radio and most of the favorite radio channels are from United Kingdom, like the Heart, Capital, BBC2, etc.

One of the issues i am experiencing with the Roku is the buffering time with most of the radio stations. The buffering time I meant is not the buffering at the beginning of achieving the radio station… the buffering time I refer to is the buffering time happened even when the client is just staying in the same station.

For example, Like the station Heart (from UK), station keeps buffering every 5 mins. We are sure the Wifi signal in the house is stable but the station is just keep buffering even no one is switching the station, in which i am really impatient with the buffering issue and really disappointed with Roku Radio. What is the reason why the station keep buffering itself frequently?? Does Radio have the wifi reading in which we can check how much wifi signal that Roku is receiving???

Apart from the buffering issue, there is another power surge issue. Whenever i plug in Vacuum Cleaner named Rainbow into the power socket and turn on the Vacuum Cleaner, the Roku Radio will then stop working for about 3 sec and back to normal in 3 sec. The situation looks like there is power cut off on Roku (of coz no one cut off the power of Roku Radio). The same situation happens when i turn on the exhaust fans. What my electricians suspect is that because of the motors (no matter the motor of vacuum cleaner or exhaust fan) which generates kind of "power sparkle" and then jam with wifi signal, and finally get into the radio together with wifi signal. Since that is the error signal which Roku does not recognize and thus, Roku stopped worked totally for a couple of seconds. Frankly speaking, I really don't is that is the case or not. Could anyone of you could verify the situation for me and what is possible reason why there is power surge on Roku Radio whenever there is motor initiating.

I really don't understanding how come there is buffering frequently (frequent as every 5 mins) and this really annoys me a lot...

Could any1 here help? thz a lot

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Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:00 am

As you appear not to live either in the US or the UK where you can get your R1000 repaired when the PSU fails, as it surely will, sell your radio on eBay to avoid the repair-cost and by a Logitech Boom radio. You will be delighted.

Once you've got your new radio, then invest in a decent suitable small smart-UPS :wink:

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