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Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:05 am

I am a happy Roku user. Also, I have an OTA Antenna. However, in my never ending quest for free tv, I have considered Free To Air Satellite. However, I know very little about it. In what little I have researched/discovered, I have made the following initial assumption:

It seems that for the cost (satellite dish, receiver, etc.) and trouble (installation), you don't gain much. I have done some googling, and it seems that English Language stations are not much more/much better than we find on our Rokus.

Anyone who has more experience/information than I on this subject agree (or disagree) with my impressions?
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:51 am

I vaguely remember looking into the fee to air and it worried me. What they have isn't so great and there are no guarantees that they will keep it. My aunt has a giant satellite dish and when she got it in the late 70's she had all kinds of free programing. I think even premium channels were free because nothing was encrypted at the dish level. Now there's very little they can get much less for free. Free to air seems similar to me.

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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:23 pm

Roku and true fta compliment each other quite nicely , alot of the popular fta channels are now found on roku also , including : pbs , tbn , rt , al jazeera , byu , press tv & nasa , that I can quickly think of . But RTV , Tuff tv , History ch , ABC news now & a large mix of PBS channels , all coming in crystal clear , keep my 30'' dish up in the air . Set up & maintenace is "MUCH" harder & more expensive than roku . Great hobby tho .
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:37 pm

"Tuff tv" is now showing up on OTA in some areas as a secondary digital tv channel. We are now getting it, "Antenna TV" and "THIS Network" as secondary channels in our area, plus a country music channel and another music channel. OTA is certainly not what it6 once was.

Unfortunately, neither is FTA. but it seems to be going in the opposite direction. I wanted to do FTA for years, but didn't have the time or the money. Prices are down somewhat and I've go lots of time, but it hardly seems worth the trouble for english language content these days.
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:15 pm

I too have noticed that most of the FTA sat channels are showing up as secondary digital channels with an antenna. ThisTV was among the first but since it took off many more are showing up. I think it's a way for the local affiliates to recoup some viewers.

I see an antenna as a more viable answer than a dish unless you really want a hobby. A lot of the FTA stuff is region specific. I don't care to watch local programing from another state.

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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:22 pm

I have a free-to-air satellite system but all the channels I watch on it are available on the Roku or OTA off my regular antenna. The FTA satellite is essential for my wife, however, because she is from Thailand and we can get 15 Thai language channels. The dish and receiver only cost me $350 including installation about four years ago and I have incurred no additional charges since. There is premium content available for a fee but my wife is plenty satisfied with the free programming. There is a lot of international programming available FTA so I would definitely look into it if this programming appeals to you.
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:34 am

I used to be in to fta. I had to move last year and have not put the dish back up since then.

About 2-3 years ago, fta was much more interesting then it is now due to Equity and it's various retro tv channels (think tv land but with like 10-15 channels all showing different things). I think at one point in time there was about 20-30 descent english speaking channels worth watching between equity, white springs tv, kuil beumont (fox), and a few other things. Cuba even had a 24/7 movie channel - think it was called Superland and another was Supershow... Those two channels played all sorts of movies and about 1/3 of them were english with foriegn subtitles. Cubavision and tele-rebelde still does a lot of that today I think, especially late at night.

There was a few hundred channels I glanced at a lot. I loved the nbc mux.... I even remember watching that funky ass channel that was on amazonas that got that guy broadcasting it put in jail for showing a tv channel that was viewable in the US that the US thought was too much for Americans to watch since they thought it was terrorist junk. I think it was some hezelbah channel called Al Manar or something? Just a bunch of arabs running around with missles and guns and junk... With all the foriegn guys yelling and running around half nude before the news broke about how the guy got busted I had no idea if it was about terrorist or was some sort of gay group orgy or something ? Just a channel I passed on by while channel surfing.

only reason I watched his mux was because he had tom and jerry and other oddball crap like that on another subchannel in the mux.

The Roku makes fta not worth it as much, BUT, if you can get a big 12 food dish fta is defintely still worth it since there's a heck of a lot of network tv still on cband. 30 inch dish can get ku band. 6+foot gets cband, but to really get it stable on most birds you need a 12 foot dish.

If you go with ku band on smaller dish like I did, get an invacom quad lnb. It does both circular and linear signal receptions... so if bell express vu or dish network accidentally forget to scramble, or do so on purpose on test satellites that are not intended for their main viewers, as they did a few years back, you can get both circular and ku. 148 degrees west, I think if I remember correctly was their main test channel... We had starz on there several times a year for a few years for months at a time and it was all unencrypted on occassion. I don't think dish network uses that bird anymore, and they upgraded their encryption systems so doubtful that you'll ever see that again. Bell express vu is like Canada's version of Dish network... Direct TV does some other type of signal so you'll never see their channels. fta can pick up the dish network stuff, but 9 times out of 10 (assuming you are using legal equipment and not hacked illegal crap) you'll just get a channel name and scrambled junk or nothing. Interestingly, though sometimes their scrambling methods don't scramble both audio and video... same on lots of other channels to. A&E was unscrmbled on the Hotel Network mux for a LONG time and still might be. that same hotel network mux has all sorts of unencrypted audio - makes interesting if you just use tv for background sound anyways...

If you get circular signals, most of the time, unless something gets unencrypted, you'll just get the basic dish network intro channel that the installers use to test to make sure they got locked on the right bird.

There used to be a lot of unencrypted music channels up a few years back - like hundreds of them, but they are no longer up there....

Lots of oddball stuff like russia today, etc. is still up there, but most of that is on roku. If you speak spanish FTA is most certainly worth it. If you are learning spanish, it's also worth it because of all the subtitled stuff, etc.

If you like christian programming and various other religious channels, fta is definitely worth it too.

It's a pain to set up fta, but if you do it right, it's a system that you can leave up and running for years with only a tweak here or there by a degree or two that you do through the box since wind will inevitably shift you a degree or two at various times over the years. If you set it up right though you will be on the arc all the time, so won't need to adjust the elevation, just the west/east settings a degree here or there. Make sure to use a motor if you do fta since having one dish on one satellite is boring as flower... you also could get one of the newer dishes that can pick up multiple satellites at once, but then you'll need an lnb for each bird, so it'll get pricey in the setup costs.

If you want to learn more about fta, go visit and hang out there a while. If you ask enough questions and get a good rep they'll let you in to the what's up there area where they openly discuss the channels that they find that most folks may not know about yet -- rick's list is more open as are a few other lists... their theory is that they want the stuff they find out to stay secret so they don't get scrambled, which happens a lot.

Also, if you are in to sports, fta is defintely worth it for the live feeds... various wild news feeds are also fun to watch. Live cams from NYC on new years eve is a blast. Live coverage of hurricanes, wild fires, etc. are all up there gettting streamed from the source to the networks, unedited, ready for your reception.

I wish I could afford and have room for a 12 foot dish, but dont in the little apartment we are in, so I'll still with roku for now... eventually get something else like a boxee, but need to upgrade my tv first since boxee doesn't have component out, lol.

As far as channels go...

Here's the main lists:
'The List' On satellite guys:

Mike's Kohls List: - best list around as far as printing it out for reference goes for when you are
doing your blind scans and want to cross off signals as you go to make sure you get em all. - another list similar to satelliteguys - this guy actually got the idea from them sort of...

Rick's list is mainly for wild sport feeds... - lyngsat is an ancient list, and is fairly unreliable since it's not updated too much, at least on this side of the world... but it gives you an idea of what's up there worldwide.

Here in the midwest you can likely get reception from about 30 degrees west - 148 degrees west with an sg2100 motor, but both of those are so far out on either end that you'll likely have the use manual east/west settings to reach far left and right even if you are using automatic settings in the middle (DiSEqC 1.1 on ends instead of 1.2 in the middle...with 1.2, where you can just tell the box the degree east west where the satellite is, and it goes there with 1.1 to go east 3 or 5 degrees you manually hit east, east, east, east on the box or remote, and then hit save to get the box to remember the setting)

Learn the satellite names. They changed a couple of years ago a lot, and do that often. That's why it's usually easier to refer to the degrees west for quick reference, etc.

I had a pansat 3500 when I was doing this stuff mainly because I liked the ability to use the sd card to save channel lists in, etc. That makes it infinitely easier to do things, especially if you also hook a computer up to your setup with a dreambox or something to test things a lot better then you can just in the fta box itself.

Unfortunately fta is mostly not mainstream, so finding parts is typically a trip to ebay, and various other places online.

Cost wise, fta is more then a roku, but remember, with roku you DO have a monthly fee - your isp fee, which you are likely paying anyways for dsl or something... with fta, there is no fee, so if you are a true cord cutter that's sick of monthly fees, satellite might be the way to go :)

Basic equpment needed for fta setup going on cheap with ku...
- space to put a dish facing south that's got clear line-of-sight - a roof might work... Lots of people put dishes on the North side of a house to help protect it from weather a little as it's facing the house... I like it on the south side since the line of sight is clearer
- pole/tripod for the dish
- level (to make sure the pole is 'plumb' - if it's not 100% level, you might be 'off' on the arc a little (remember the satellites are above the equator))
- compass (to make sure your first bird you aim for is 'true south' so that the rest of the stuff you get on the motor will be on the arc, etc.)
- 30 inch dish - some ancient dishes might even be free on freecycle - little 18 inch pizza pan that dish network uses won't work unless all you want to see is the demo channel on dish network..
- lnb - prices will vary greatly
- diseqc switch, especially if you need to combine signals and stuff (like if you are using invacom quad that has 2 linear and 2 circular lnbs all in one gizmo)
- sg2100 motor
- fta box
- coax cables to connect from the dish to the box, etc.
- ground wires and pole... it never hurts to ground that thing since you are creating a lightning rod.

Prices will vary greatly since you need specialty stores or ebay, etc. to get the stuff for the most part. Some specialty places do exist though, but many times their prices are higher then ebay?
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:13 pm

mastermesh said it all. I can only add that I LOVE wildfeed searching. This is (in my opinion) what sets FTA apart from ALL the other media products out there. To watch some news anchor picking his nose or swearing at the cameraman while "offline" before they go 'live' is just good to watch. You really get a good feeling for the REAL news and how they really feel about whatever they are covering. Also, mastermesh is also right about sports. There are some GREAT sports wild feeds out there that have NO commercials and you can watch/hear the commentary (again) while 'off-air' and that can be VERY entertaining (to say the least!!!). I remember one night I got a wild feed from some NFL game, and the skycam was live the whole game. It was great to see, during an obvious commercial to see it zoom into the cheerleaders and stuff. And during the game it came in right down inside the huddle and I could hear the team swearing at each other to get their sh** together. It was histerical! To me, the wild feed (never knowing what you'll see) aspect of FTA is worth every cent. And that is why I'll ALWAYS keep my FTA system up and running. 97W really does have some great channels to watch. Out of the 300+ channels broadcasting up there, I watch about 10 of them regularly. EBRU is similar to PBS here in the states and is a wonderful channel (wish we could get it on the Roku).
Now, I have to add that if you can, you HAVE to add a motor to your FTA system to make it really valuable. This way you can move to all available satellites and get all the 'goodies' up there. I do have the Invacom LNB and do reccomend it as well. You can get some CBand stuff with what is called the Hotdish 90 (which I have). But you will have to forgo the dual KU band lnb and go with something like the DMX741U - which will get you the CBand stuff along with KUband liner stuff (no circular however). But the Dish Network, DTV and Canada systems are all encrepted anyway, so I don't see the need for a circular KU lnb anyways. CBand can be a little tricky (especially on a 90cm dish), so for a beginner, I'd recommend just get a setup for KU only and go from there. It truly is a GREAT hobby. But I see FTA as more of a hobby than watching TV (like the Roku). They really DO complement each other - no competetion at all. One is a hobby for me, the other is to watch tv shows etc.....
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:20 pm

copy of part of mike kohl's list at, highlighting what I feel are the best channels on ku side of fta:

125.0 West AMC-21
H-12072 1322 3/5 12.475 0065 ac-3 0068 LPB-2 PBS Louisiana MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
0081 ac-3 0084 LPB-3 PBS Louisiana MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
0097 ac-3 0100 LPB-HD PBS Louisiana MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
0113 ac-3 0116 LPB feeds PBS Louisiana MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
H-12150 1400 3/4 14.028 0049 ac-3 0052 PBS HDTV CH 4 (FEEDS)
H-12163 1413 3/4 04.444 0177 ac-3 0180 PBS SCHEDULE SD-05
H-12169 1419 3/4 04.444 0177 ac-3 0180 PBS SCHEDULE SD-06
H-12175 1425 3/4 04.444 0177 ac-3 0180 PBS SCHEDULE SD-07
V-12096 1346 3/4 04.340 0032 0033 PBS FEEDS
V-12106 1356 3/4 02.398 0101 0256 MONTANA PBS MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
V-12112 1362 3/4 08.700 0049 ac-3 0052 OETA-HD Oklahoma MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
0065 ac-3 0068 OKLAHOMA NETWORK MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video
V-12140 1390 3/4 30.000 0049 ac-3 0052 PBS HDTV CH 1 HD EAST
0065 ac-3 0068 PBS HDTV CH 2 HD WEST
V-12180 1430 3/4 30.000 0049 ac-3 0052 PBS HDTV CH 3 (FEEDS)
0177 ac-3 0180 PBS SCHEDULE SD-01
0193 ac-3 0196 PBS CREATE
0209 ac-3 0212 PBS V-ME Spanish
0225 ac-3 0228 PBS WORLD

123.0 West Galaxy 18

0201 0202 RESEARCH CHANNEL MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 video

103.0 West SES-3 Note: New satellite taking over the duties of AMC-1
H-12075 1325 3/4 04.233 4130 4131 NBC NEWS CHANNEL
H-12115 1365 3/4 04.233 4130 4131 NBC NEWS CHANNEL

H-12060 1310 3/4 26.700 8191 1020 A & E NETWORK audio Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1120 Audio: MSNBC Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1220 Audio: NHK WORLD TV Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1320 Audio: FOX BUSINESS CH Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1420 Audio: RUSSIA TODAY Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1520 Audio: FOX NEWS CHANNEL Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1620 Audio: WEATHER CHANNEL Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1720 Audio: CNBC U.S. Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1820 Audio: HISTORY CHANNEL Clear Audio, Scrambled Video
8191 1920 Audio: A&E BIOGRAPHY Clear Audio, Scrambled Video

- A & E video was clear a year or so ago if you knew the right pid. ;) History channel was too for a few months.

97.0 West Galaxy 19 - lots of foriegn channels here - neat watching bollywood

2071 3071 AMAZING FACTS TV English-7DA

H-11874 1124 3/4 22.000 0035 0036 GLOBECAST feeds - sometimes some globecast channels are not scrambled.

2023 3023 RIVER BROADCASTING U.S. English - Family Programming - this one's very similar to retrotv network...

4025 4035 AL-JAZEERA NEWS Qatar English language News

2003 3003 GOD TV U.K. English-Religious
2004 3004 DAYSTAR U.S. English-Religious - lots of religious stuff on 97 degrees west and lots of foriegn too..

8191 1424 Audio: Country Music English

0357 0358 AL KASS Qatar Arabic & English-Sports

8191 1026 Audio: Open Radio English - lots of various music radio channels and non-video channels on fta...

V-12177 1427 3/4 23.000 0033 0034 TBN U.S. (Trinity Broadcasting) English-Religious

0043 0044 BUSINESS TV U.S. English

0113 0114 JCTV U.S. English-Religious - christian MTV sort of... 'Jesus Christ TV'

4130 4131 SMILE OF A CHILD U.S. English-Children - KID'S PROGRAMMING...

93.0 West Galaxy 25
H-11895 1145 3/4 03.000 FEEDS
V-12000 1250 3/4 04.350 0033 0034 AZTECA 13 Spanish 4:2:2 video format - Azteca does various english movies with spanish subtitles too... but not nearly as often as cuban channels on 30 degrees west.

V-12064 1314 3/4 04.880 0480 0481 FSSN SPORTS FEEDS UND-Grand Forks, North Dakota

89.0 West Galaxy 28 - ABC News Now is online too, but here's a satellite versin...
H-11735 0985 3/4 04.500 NO FTA SIGNALS
H-11886 1136 2/3 06.666 4352 4353 BYU TV NORTH AMERICA Religious & Family-LDS
V-11955 1205 3/4 19.530 0308 0256 ABC NEWS ONE LIVE #1
0408 0356 ABC NEWS ONE LIVE #2
0508 0456 ABC NEWS NOW
V-12060 1310 3/4 30.000 NO FTA SIGNALS

87.0 West AMC-3
H-11717 0967 3/4 04.855 0033 0034 JCRQS
0049 0050 PATIENT CHANNEL - Not much here... videos about breastfeeding...
H-11723 0973 2/3 03.675 0049 0051 BLOOMBERG feeds - this one's popular for folks in stocks, etc.
V-12050 1300 2/3 03.256 0049 0050 FLORIDA KNOWLEDGE NET MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK format - nice stuff, if you can get 8psk... 8psk is a format that certain newer fta boxes can do. Older boxes can't... my pansat 3500 can't.
V-12054 1304 2/3 03.256 0049 0050 FLORIDA CHANNEL MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK format

83.0 West AMC-9
H-11735 0985 7/8 04.440 0035 0036 RTV NETWORK - East Classic TV - MORE RETROTV! :)
0038 0039 TUFF TV - East
H-11774 1024 5/6 04.233 4130 4131 NBC NEWS CHANNEL feeds - NEWS FEEDS ARE IMPORTANT STUFF IN FTA
V-12140 1390 3/4 30.000 NO FTA SIGNALS

79.0 West AMC-2
H-11900 1150 3/4 02.170 0049 0051 KTEL-TV TeleMundo Carlsbad, NM Spanish

74.0 West Horizons 2

72.0 West AMC-6
H-11890 1140 7/8 01.666 4197 4198 KFTL-CA Oakland, CA Multilingual
V-12052 1302 5/6 06.890 0308 0256 NBC MUX - CH 1 News feeds
0309 0258 NBC MUX - CH 2 News feeds
0310 0260 NBC MUX - CH 3 News feeds
0311 0262 NBC MUX - CH 4 News feeds
V-12144 1394 3/4 02.575 0033 0034 GOSPEL BCSTG NETWORK Religious


61.0 West Amazonas 2 Ku-Band Covers Latin Am, U.S. Lower 48 & S. Canada
H-11730 0980 3/4 27.500 0150 0151 AMAZONAS 2 PROMO
0153 0256 COPTIC TV
0258 0259 LOGOS TV
0261 0262 CYC-Christian Youth Channel
0264 0265 AL KALEEMA TV
0273 0274 HOPE SAT TV
0276 0277 ABN
2001 3001 RR SAT PROMO
2002 3002 GOD TV USA

30.0 West Hispasat 1C-1D-1E Ku-Band 10750 MHz local oscillator
H-11972 1222 5/6 27.500 Feeds AMERICAS Spot Beam to E. North America
H-12052 1382 3/4 27.500 2001 3001 CGN-TV U.S. Korean & parts of South America
2002 3003 STS Russia
2005 3005 KENTRON TV Armenia
2006 3006 AL HAYAT Egypt
2008 3008 Feeds
2009 3009 MOHABAT TV
2016 3016 CTN INT'L U.S.
8191 3017 Audio: The Overcomer
H-12092 1342 3/4 27.500 7002 7003 KTV-1 Kuwait Arabic
8191 7004 Audio: Radio Kuwait Arabic
7012 7013 KTV-2 Kuwait English
8191 7014 Audio: Radio Kuwait Arabic
7022 7024 KTV-3 Kuwait Sports - Arabic
7941 7961 COPTIC TV Arabic
7942 7962 TRUTH TV Arabic
7944 7964 AL KARMA Arabic
H-12132 1382 3/4 27.500 3021 3031 SYRIA TV Syria
3023 3033 ABU DHABI TV U.A.E.
3024 3034 OMAN TV Oman
3026 3036 AL IRAQIYA Iraq
8191 3037 Audio: Oman - Holy Quran
3028 3038 SAUDI ARABIA TV-1 Saudi Arabia
3029 3039 QATAR TV Qatar
8191 3044 Audio: Radio Oman Oman
3071 3081 SUDAN TV Sudan
3072 3082 JAMAHIRYA TV Libya
3073 3083 SHARJAH TV U.A.E.
8191 3092 Audio: Jamahiryah Radio Libya
3121 3131 SAUDI - QURAN
3221 3231 SAUDI - SUNNAH
8191 3531 Audio: Emirates FM U.A.E.
8191 3532 Audio: Voice Of The People
8191 3533 Audio: Main Program Saudi Arabia
8191 3534 Audio: Saudi Program 1 Saudi Arabia
8191 3535 Audio: Radio Quran Saudi Arabia
8191 3536 Audio: Sudan Radio Sudan
8191 3537 Audio: Nour Radio
8191 3538 Audio: Qatar Radio Qatar
8191 3539 Audio: Radio Omdurman-Holy Koran
8191 3540 Audio: Oman Radio Oman
8191 3541 Audio: Voice Of Youth
8191 3542 Audio: Sharjah FM U.A.E.
8191 3543 Audio: Republic Of Iraq Radio Iraq
8191 3631 Audio: Sana'a Radio Yemen
8191 3632 Audio: Aden Radio Yemen
H-12172 1422 3/4 27.500 8191 1120 Audio: RFI 1 France
8191 1121 Audio: RFI 2 France
8191 1131 Audio: Radio Kuwait Kuwait
8191 1132 Audio: Radio Kuwait 2 Kuwait
8191 1211 Audio: Radio 2M Morocco
1301 1311 PRESS TV Iran
1401 1402 MTA INTERNATIONAL Urdu Language APIDs: 1403=English 1404=French 1405-German
1406=Arabic 1407=Bengali
1501 1502 KTV-1 Kuwait Arabic
1601 1611 TV MARTI U.S. Scrambled Video
8191 1612 Audio: Voice Of America U.S.
8191 1613 Audio: Radio Marti U.S. Also on APID 1614
1701 1711 ATEI Spain
1901 1911 TV CANARIA INTERNACIONAL Canary Is, Spain
2201 2211 KTV-2 Kuwait English
8191 2212 Audio: Mix FM 98.4 Kuwait
2301 2311 YOUTH SPORT Kuwait Arabic
8191 4111 Audio: Radio France Internationale France Also on APIDs 4211 4311 4411
V-11884 1134 2/3 27.500 0101 0201 CUBAVISION Havana, Cuba
8191 0202 Audio: 90.3-FM Radio Progreso Havana, Cuba
0102 0203 TELE REBELDE Havana, Cuba
8191 0204 Audio: 96.7-FM Radio Rebelde Havana, Cuba
0103 0205 CANAL EDUCATIVO 1 Havana, Cuba
8191 0206 Audio: 106.9-FM Radio Habana Havana, Cuba
0104 0207 CANAL EDUCATIVO 2 Havana, Cuba
8191 0208 Audio: 101.5-FM Radio Reloj Havana, Cuba
8191 0210 Audio: 93.3-FM Radio Taino Havana, Cuba
8191 0212 Audio: 94.1-FM R. Enciclopedia Havana, Cuba
8191 0213 Audio: 1260-AM CMBF Havana, Cuba
0106 0216 SENAL ACN Havana, Cuba
8191 0221 Audio: Habana Radio Havana, Cuba
8191 0222 Audio: Rebelde AM Havana, Cuba
0110 0223 ICRT FEEDS - Cuba
V-11909 1159 3/5 07.200 0506 0507 CANAL 5 - TV NACIONAL Uruguay MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 Video
8191 0510 Audio: 930-AM Radio Monte Carlo Uruguay
8191 0908 Audio: 101.5-FM Radio Cero Uruguay
1302 1303 TEVE CIUDAD Uruguay MPEG-4 DVB-S2 8PSK H-264 Video
8191 1306 Audio: Zoe FM Uruguay
V-11930 1180 3/4 02.222 4194 4195 TV LIBRE Uruguay
V-11938 1188 3/4 05.250 0101 0102 TELE CARIBE Colombia
0103 0104 ZOOM Colombia
V-11958 1208 7/8 02.500 4131 4129 CANAL 9 Salta, Argentina
8191 4130 Audio: Cielo FM-92.1 Salta, Argentina
V-12052 1302 3/4 27.500 1000 1001 T P A Spain
8191 1120 ANTENA 3 Spain AUDIO only
4208 4209 TV DE GALICIA Spain
8191 4215 Audio: Radio Maria Spain
4240 4241 TV-3 CATALUNYA Spain
4256 4257 CANAL VASCO Spain
8191 0035 Audio: RNE Radio 1 Spain
8191 0036 Audio: RNE Radio Clasica Spain
8191 0038 Audio: SAR-7 Spain
8191 0039 Audio: REE-Radio Exterior de Espana Spain
8191 0040 Audio: REE-Radio Exterior de Espana Spain
8191 0041 Audio: Radio Galega Spain
8191 0042 Audio: I-Cat FM Spain
8191 0043 Audio: Euskadi Irratiio Spain
8191 0044 Audio: Radio Euskadi Spain
8191 0045 Audio: Catalunya Radio Spain
8191 0046 Audio: RNE Radio 3 Spain
8191 0047 Audio: REE-Radio Exterior de Espana Spain
8191 0049 Audio: RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias Spain
8191 0068 Audio: Radio Galicia 2 Spain
8191 1211 Audio: NSE Radio Spain
V-12156 1406 3/4 02.222 4194 4197 CANAL 6 TV COOPERATIVA Argentina
V-12163 1413 3/4 03.030 0033 0036 CANAL 11 Salta, Argentina
V-12169 1419 3/4 05.240 0257 0258 SUPREME MASTER TV U.S.
8191 0261 Audio: Cadena 3 99.1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
8191 0262 Audio: Radio 3 AM 780 Trelew, Argentina
8191 0266 Audio: Siglo 21 Digital Argentina
8191 0267 Audio: Cooperativa 740-AM Buenos Aires, Arg
8191 0268 Audio: Cristo la Solucion 97.1 Buenos Aires, Arg
8191 0269 Audio: Cadena Uno AM-1240 Buenos Aires, Arg
V-12173 1423 3/4 02.222 1160 1120 CANAL 21 Argentina ... ubavision/ - list of what's on cuban tv. Google's translate is nice to help figure it out.

There's other stuff in the list too, but those are a few of the highlights.

Just a sampling of a few of the movies listed there for this week:

02:00 pm 61 SPORTS CINEMA
1961. The legendary record of 60 home runs set by Babe Ruth's mythical about to fight. Two players from the New York Yankees, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are the challengers. Although they are friends, Maris and Mantle could not be more different. Mantle is outgoing and the media love it. Maris is quiet and introverted. 61 is the story of two friends and teammates who are fighting against themselves, each other and against a nation to earn the right to be called the best player in baseball history.

05:00 pm INSPECTOR GADGET Museum Theft

06:00 pm WAR OF THE CLONES Cap. 8

The son of a feudal lord takes refuge in a Shaolin monastery to protect themselves from attack a rival. There he meets a young brat forced to remain in the monastery after losing his family. They will both be trained in martial arts and Shaolin philosophy with which the attack will have to fight their rivals.

12:18 am Supernatural Ch. 2 The rider of the war


Phaen is a young suburban passionate about music, meet at the fair Sadao his people and after much courtship time comes to marry her. Soon after is called to military service which tries to continue his dream as a singer, but the race will become increasingly complicated and delayed this dream see the many vicissitudes and setbacks that life imposes.

5:17 a.m. THE GREAT SCENE Dalí the Genie. With the National Symphony Orchestra Aragon, Spanish Ballet Television, Rafael and Alaska, Celine Imbert, Tony Bennett, Danny Rivera, and paintings by Salvador Dali.

11:00 a.m. LA CASA DE MICKEY MOUSE Pluto makes Kangaroo

10:05 pm FAMOUS MUSICAL Andrew Lloyd Webber, Materials: The Phantom of the Opera, Friends Forever, Mame, Cats, Hosanna Jesus Christ Superstar.

U.S. / DRAMA SPORTS / (1998) REP
DIR: ROBERT TOWNE INT: Billy Crudup and Donald Sutherland
The true story of Steve Prefontaine, or Pre, an ace of the races, the University of Oregon in the 1960s, Pan American Champion of 5000 meters in 1971, and U.S. main corridor for the Olympics in 1976 but a year earlier, on the twenty-year-old in a car crash.

With sixteen years old, Harry begins the sixth year at Hogwarts in the midst of terrible events plaguing England. Elected captain of the Quidditch team, training, tests, and the girls take their time, but the peace is short lived. Despite the tight controls that protect the safety of school, two students are brutally attacked. Dumbledore knows that about the time foretold by the prophecy, that Harry and Voldemort will face death. The old manager should seek the help of Harry, and together they undertake hazardous journeys to try to weaken the enemy, for which the boy wizard will have the help of an old Potions book belonging to a mysterious prince, someone who calls himself Prince.

More about The Lord of the Rings: Creatures of the Earth-Middle
-Gandalf the White-Edoras, Rohan Capital Conversations with the cast
and Final Continuation of "The journey of a filmmaker"
05:00 pm Adventure in Africa INSPECTOR GADGET

1:15 a.m. CSI Point of No Return (Mac and Detective Flack go to a seedy motel in Brooklyn after being informed that a woman was found dead in one room. Following a preliminary review, the researchers discovered traces of heroin on clothing . The victim turns out to be Anabel Pino, Pino Marty's wife, a forensic pathologist who worked on the YES forensic discover that the physician's gambling addiction led him to steal organs from the bodies of heroin addicts that examined. Marty picked up the bodies metabolize heroin yet to pay their debts. After being fired from his job, continued to carry out their horrible
business. The first investigations indicate that lenders who Marty was
money ordered the murder of Anabel. However, research daun
forensic twist when they find that a waitress at the hotel
took the heroin after discovering the body of the deceased.)

02 / 09 XIII, conspiracy
XIII, is a mysterious character who, three months after the murder the first woman U.S. president, is rescued on the coast and suffers from amnesia, its only identifying feature that has a tattoo XIII. They soon discover that was related to the attack.

A writer who suffers a crisis of creativity, try one day a new drug that puts him in position to make maximum use of all their mental faculties is a kind of smart pill through which achieved success in New York. A powerful Wall Street financier feels an extraordinary curiosity to find out what lies behind so much success ...
Dawn in TV
become head of a major company after the death of his adoptive father, Largo Winch decides to surprise everyone, sell, and use the proceeds to create an ambitious humanitarian foundation. But that day he will be accused (by a mysterious witness) of crimes against humanity. To prove his innocence, Long will have to retrace the footsteps of his past life in the heart of the Burmese jungle ...
THE THIRD SATURDAY Inglourious Basterds
U.S. / ACTION / REP 2009 /
During the first year of the German occupation of France, Shosanna Dreyfus witnesses the execution of his family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa. Shosanna escapes and flees to Paris where she forges a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema. Elsewhere in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine organizes a group of Jewish soldiers to retaliate against brutal and fast targets. Known to their enemy as The Basterds, Raine men join German actress Bridget Von Hammersmark a secret agent working for the allies to carry out a mission that will bring down the leaders of the Third Reich. The destination will have all come under the marquee of a theater where Shosanna waiting for revenge.
Find Me Guilty TELECINE
U.S. / SUSP / REP 2006 /
DIR: Sidney Lumet INT: Aleks Palladino, Vin Diesel, Alex Rocco, Joe Pesci, Annabella Sciorra
While in prison for a drug case in New Jersey, Jackie Dinorsio refuses to cooperate with the government and testify against his former partners, but the prosecutor Sean Casey mounts a huge case involving many lawyers and their clients, including Nick Calabra. The prosecutor believes that this will be a very easy case, but Jackie is serving a sentence of 30 years decides to defend himself and everyone believes it but half mad, Jackie, to the surprise of all, knows the laws and legal processes and change gradually during the trial.
6:30 a.m. THE INTERNSHIP Caps. 45 to 48 to
Cubavision - SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2011

AND... THE LIST JUST GOES ON AND ON... IT'S A LITTLE IRONIC THAT A COMMUNIST COUNTRY USES SO MANY AMERICAN MADE MOVIES THAT THEY BASICALLY PIRATED (YES PIRATED SINCE SOME OF THE MOVIES SOMETIMES ARE THINGS THAT ARE NOT ON DVD YET)... Just goes to show you how much creativity there is in Cuban movie making industry I guess?... -channel lists/tools -fta -linear channels
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:06 pm

I remember have a great big dish back in the '80s when my husbands kids came for the summer.I got home from work the first day to the 3 girls telling me their 10 year old brother was watching"booby movies". :lol:
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:31 am

From what I read (just making this clear because I don't think it was mentioned), there are the small "DirectTV/Dish network" FTA satellite systems and then your normal C band big dish satellite systems.

If you speak a foreign language or crave religious programming, the small dish that you can get setup with a set top box for $250-$350 might work for you. I have seen channel scans on youtube, and there just isn't much of interest on there, unless you need a channel for your mothertongue (Thailand, Korea, etc.) Any "normal" programming is basically non-existant - however I think in foreign territories their satellite systems have more up there than North America.

Now if you are talking about a bigger dish, well, that is a fun hobby to get into then if you can afford it. Scour craigslist, or just while you are driving around look for dishes. You can probably pick up a used one for free from people who would be glad just to get rid of it from their yard (though it might be a hassle for you to set up). However, you unfortunately missed the heyday of C band satellite by 25 years... again, you can watch on youtube of all the old channel scans and see what was available for free once you had set up your multi-thousand dollar system :)

If I were you, if you want more free TV, and since I am a cord-cutter - I would recommend getting a computer hooked up to your TV. There is plenty of interesting TV content out there that way, and on a SD TV, it really doesn't look much worse then the SD programming on satellite after compression (sometimes better!). You can find laptops with a TV out for cheap, and get yourself a wireless keyboard, and you can find a treasure trove of free TV. We found that almost of the shows we liked were available on the channels websites (Project Runway, Celebrity Rehab, 10 Grand in Your Hand, Renovation Realities, Daily Show, Colbert Report). I picked up my computer (Small Form Factor) for $70 on ebay and put a GeForce graphics card that can do hi def, h264 video with dvi/vga out and svideo out for $20... wireless keyboard was $30, so for $120, plus ethernet wiring, I have a nice addition to the living room. The computer is a compliment to the Roku, not a replacement. They both work together to provide entertainment. Plus you never have to wonder if something is on hulu/hulu+ :)

While I was at it, I got some TV cards for the computer and turned it into a DVR for the OTA antenna - it records all my shows, cuts out the commercials, and transcodes at night - then I used the fabulous MythTV channel that is free and I can watch my TV on the Rokus we have in the house - but, I just mention that so I can sing the praises of the developers of both of those pieces of software :)
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Re: Free To Air Satellite vs Roku

Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:33 am

krisbee wrote:
From what I read (just making this clear because I don't think it was mentioned), there are the small "DirectTV/Dish network" FTA satellite systems and then your normal C band big dish satellite systems.

mostly right - although 18 inch wide pizza dishes direct tv and dish network use is not really big enough to receive true fta ku band, unless you are JUST looking for the demo channels on Direct TV and Dish... Reminds me of that episode of family guy where they were tied up and had to watch that promo channel for dish network over and over all day long and eventually become zombie like and start repeating the phrases on it, lol.

If I were you, if you want more free TV, and since I am a cord-cutter - I would recommend getting a computer hooked up to your TV. There is plenty of interesting TV content out there that way, and on a SD TV, it really doesn't look much worse then the SD programming on satellite after compression (sometimes better!). You can find laptops with a TV out for cheap, and get yourself a wireless keyboard, and you can find a treasure trove of free TV. We found that almost of the shows we liked were available on the channels websites (Project Runway, Celebrity Rehab, 10 Grand in Your Hand, Renovation Realities, Daily Show, Colbert Report). I picked up my computer (Small Form Factor) for $70 on ebay and put a GeForce graphics card that can do hi def, h264 video with dvi/vga out and svideo out for $20... wireless keyboard was $30, so for $120, plus ethernet wiring, I have a nice addition to the living room. The computer is a compliment to the Roku, not a replacement. They both work together to provide entertainment. Plus you never have to wonder if something is on hulu/hulu+ :)

Right. Something else to think about (even if the forum police will see this and disagree), that roku sitting on your tv works well with Playon, which uses the Computer as a middle man... Same goes for dlna servers like Tversity, etc. if you get that noknok channel and dlite that goes with it...

and even though Roku fanatics will hate me saying this, that Roku might look mighty nice sitting right next to a boxee, with both of them hooked up to a google tv so you get the whole internet right there on your tv. ;) :) :D :lol: -channel lists/tools -fta -linear channels

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