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Overview of Korean drama channels on Roku?

Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:06 pm

Hi all! New Roku owner here. I got it as a way for my elderly parents to easily watch Korean dramas without them, please don't laugh, continuing to rent VHS tapes! They don't get TV reception, and Korean cable channels are premium. And they can't use a computer so this seems to be the most intuitive way.

Roku apps are new to me and the varied availability of Korean dramas is a bit confusing to me. For example, There is Hulu Plus (paid subscription), which has a DramaFever and MBC channels all within their "international/Korean" section. Then there is Drama Fever (paid subscription) as a separate standalone app. There appears to be something called CrunchyRoll, which is a paid subscription, and KDrama, which is powered by CrunchyRoll.

Can someone please give a breakdown of the distinction between all of these? We want to go in a direction that is preferably free, but they're open to paying for a paid service but can't decide which to go with due to the wide selection. They watch current Korean dramas, nothing else.

Thanks to anyone who can help!
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Re: Overview of Korean drama channels on Roku?

Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:46 pm

Kdrama and Crunchyroll are free channels in the channel store with free content.

Crunchyroll focuses on Anime cartoons, but a search for title pulls up many Korean dramsa.

KDrama has many listings for Korean dramas but the Search function pulls up more that aren't listed or have been dropped from the icon listing.

They are both free, and have English subtitles.

The "dramas" are typically quite innocent romantic soap operas with lot's of crying, love trianges, family tension and secrecy. They are usually funny with exaggerated acting, with moral messages.

Stars are often ex-singers and models about 22 years old, and a few parents and grandparents tossed in.

Photography is usually excellent, and video quality varies, but far short of HD. Many series are in the 4:3 box format, but occasionally throw in a few 16:9 wide format shows.

I'm an "old guy" who would NEVER watch an American soap opera, but I got hooked on these, so I watch one per night.

Warning: they are typically 17 or so one-hour episodes, but one was 57 hours and KDrama stopped listing it toward the end, and I panicked. But then I did a search each time for these series I got to finish the last 7 episodes!

Wikipedia has a large entry on korean drama, and fan sites allow plenty of exploration by title and star.

HuluPlus is a subscription service that I don't use.
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Re: Overview of Korean drama channels on Roku?

Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:51 pm

drama fever and kdrama are both free with ads and paid with no ads and more content.
drama fever has a 7 day free trial for the premium version and kdrama has a 14 day free trial.
but both have plenty of free content, as long as they don't mind advertising.
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