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Configure Roku with windows firewall

Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:40 am

I am using Vista and OneCare
When I turn off the firewall, I can use the Windows Media Connect Server and it works fine

When it is on, it doesnt work. In one care I can change some settings (such as allow Unpnp devices).. this allows me to browse the files on my PC but they still dont play on Roku. With firewall off they play fine

Any ideas on settings to make this work?

I've tried firefly and it doesnt work as I get an error message:
Could not realpath C:/Documents and Settings/HP_Administrator/My Documents/My Music/Classical/London Philharmonic Orchestra, Renᅢᄅe Fleming & Sir Charles Mackerras/Renᅢᄅe Fleming/London Philharmonic Orchestra, Renᅢᄅe Fleming & Sir Charles Mackerras - 07 - La Wally, Drama Liric.m4p

and we know itunes isnt an option right now
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Sat Nov 18, 2006 1:28 pm

I removed OneCare because it allow you to see the library but you couldn't not play...........even tho' you had Windows Media checked in the Execptions list. I suspect that it has to do with some of the ports in the 8000 (as per the Microsoft Media site) range but I felt that I should not have to trouble shoot the problem......I needed my music. Since removing OneCare, SB works fine.
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TCP 10243

Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:40 pm

I ran into the same difficulty with the OneCare firewall on Windows Vista. Its "Windows Media Connect" option in the Firewall Connection Tool opens some -- but not all -- of the necessary ports. It opens TCP port 2869 and UDP port 1900, but Microsoft's FAQ for Windows Media Connect 2.0 indicates that the following ports may also be required (on the local subnet only):

TCP 10243
UCP 10280-10284

I've found that adding TCP 10243 is sufficient to get Roku playing, at least in my configuration. YMMV.
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Sun Dec 17, 2006 12:30 pm

Thanks elsbree! I was in the process of removing what little remains of my hair when I saw your post. Did the trick for me.
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Sun Dec 17, 2006 1:08 pm

Please amend your title to include Vista and OneCare, this solution will be easier to find in a search by other users. :)
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