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Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:58 pm

I'm curious what other Roku Premiere+ users are getting temperature wise in the Platform Secret Screen (Home x5, ff, play, rw, play, ff).

I bought my first one four months ago at Best Buy and it was idling at 76c but that was when the ambient room temp was around 90f.  I exchanged it for another at Best Buy and that one idled at around the same so I returned it and went back to my Roku 2, which idled at about 58-62c.  Well that was four months ago, I recently ordered one from Amazon two weeks ago and it was idling at around 68c to 72c, the ambient room temp has been around 75f as of late.  I thought that one was still pretty warm so I exchanged it for yet another and that one idled at 76c to 81c.  At that point I contacted Roku support and was told to return it to Amazon as soon as possible.  

Today however I noticed Best Buy had a black friday sale on the Premiere+'s for 49.99 so I decided to try yet another.  Out of the box it was at 62c but it has been idling now for over an hour and it is idling at around 68c to 72c.  

In short, am I having horrible luck with the Premiere+'s or is it normal for then to be over 10-15c warmer than Roku 2 4210's?  
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Re: Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:00 pm

Don't worry about it. My Ultra idles around 80C and I've had it over a year with no failure.
I created a thread on here right after I got it and noticed the temps which seemed pretty high but nobody ever reported their temps. ... 38#p541038
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Re: Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:18 pm

I checked the temp right after watching a 10 minute clip on Youtube and it hit 76c which made the green bar that yellowish green but it quickly dropped back down to 73 and then bounced around 69c-73c.  There are two reviewers on Amazon who blame a heat issue on the unit locking up quite a bit due to heat but this is excessive..

" I got into the "secret menu" and found that the idle temperature was running at 76 C. that is 167 F. Way too hot for idle. When viewing a video it climbed to 92C which is almost 200F."

96c will electronics fast but so far I'm not seeing that and I hope I don't because my Roku 2 is buggered due to the 8.0 firmware update, it refuses to show the icons under "My Feed" most of the time and Vudu started getting tons of time outs.  I considered trying a new ethernet cable but the Sony BDP-3700 connected to Vudu fine using the same ethernet cable.  I returned the 3700 for the Premiere+ so as it stands, if it goes out I'll be staring at a wall.

In short, I appreciate the fact you let me know about your Ultra, it makes me feel less uneasy.  I just wish Roku's techs knew what the average idle temp for these units were.  They always just tell me "its normal but let us know if it gets hot or you see a red light".
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Re: Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:29 am

I checked mine this morning without having watched anything at all...just used the remote to get into the secret "platform" menu (secret menu screen commands here: Secret Menus Remote Commands). So, just using button presses, my Premiere+ idling would get up to 76C. After a few seconds of nothing, it would settle down to between 72C and 74C. Seems like this is a normal range, then.
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Re: Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:19 pm

Mine is averaging 66-72c when I first check it in the morning.  After watching a film on Vudu it varies from 72-74c but for whatever reason, Youtube HD clips tend to get it to 76c which is odd since they're only 5 minute clips.  But judging from you two these temps aren't abnormal but what is abnormal is the weird screen issues I get.  More often than not when I switch my HDMI source from my cable box to my Roku for about half a second the screen will flicker either with green screen or just snow, it may even be less than half a second.  The weirder issue, if I leave a film running on Vudu and turn my tv off and then on again, for a split second I'll see that HDCP purple screen error that others have mentioned.  This issue was also present on a P+ I returned back in August so I'm thinking it may be due to the fact I use an older HDMI 1.4 cable, maybe a newer one will resolved the issue?  Like I said, it only lasts for a split second so it isn't bothering me too much yet but I'm concerned it could become a bigger issue.  I'm thinking that since I own a 720p television the 4k features of the P+, despite being disabled, may still be causing it.
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Re: Roku Premiere+ Temperature

Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:52 pm

I have a 3800X that showed the unit was overheating. Reaching temp around 107 C  my model # is 3800X-Roku Streaming Stick Serial # YF00HF208436 Software 9.0.0 Build 4083-55 
is there anything that I need to do to cool it down?

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