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Re: Audio sync issues on Roku TV (TCL 55P607)

Mon May 20, 2019 4:36 am

CParker wrote:
I have an Ultra in the living room (connected via ethernet) and 3 of the Streaming Stick+ (4 TVs total)
I've had this audio sync issue on all of them.
I first notice it as "lip sync" being off a little. It seems to progressively get worse if I do nothing.

What I have found that fixes it *almost* all the time, is to hit Options (while any video is playing) and turn off Sound Leveling. The audio syncs. Then I turn it back on (I like it!)
My understanding is that the OS 9.1 update addresses this specific issue. I have not yet received the update on ANY of my Roku devices to confirm or despute that notion.

One of the bedroom TVs the sound got so bad it would stop and stutter. the sound leveling "fix" didn't fix that. I had to restart the streaming stick+ and then the problem was resolved. HOWEVER... I think that may have been a network issue. I'm still getting a handle on which rooms can use 5GHz wifi vs the rooms that do better on 2.4GHz.

My ROKU Ultra has horrible voice sync issues when using Youtube.  I am just going to leave Sound Leveling off till 9.1 gets here. 
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Re: Audio sync issues on Roku TV (TCL 55P607)

Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:08 pm

TCL TV model 55s423, using embedded Roku
Roku TV 7135x
Softrware version 9.0.2 build 4057-30
Amp Sony STR-DH750
TV (HDMI 3 [ARC]) <--> Amp (HDMI Out [ARC])
Windows Media Center PC -> Amp (HDMI 1)
All components connected to line conditioner/UPS

Sources affected:
  TV embedded Roku streaming apps CBS Now, Neflix, Hulu
  Windows Media Center live and recorded content

Similar problems.  Roku streaming apps had popping sounds.  All content sources, occasionally the sound would stop, and in upper right screen of the TV I'd briefly get a icon of a speaker with a slash through it inside the TV volume circle.  The slash would go away and sound would come back.

I wanted to use the TV embedded Roku to watch streaming content and feed rich audio back to the amp.  So I connected the HDMI ARC ports from TV to the amp.  It's a new TV.  I was about to return it before the store's 14-day limit.  What seems to have worked after 3 days of the toughest tester (my wife) is to disable the "System audio control" option.  This is found in the TV through Settings \ System \ Control Other Devices (CEC).  Enable "HDMI ARC", but disable "System audio control".

See also

Hope this helps someone.

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