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Re: Not enough space

Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:15 pm

DBDukes wrote:
redtommy76 wrote:
DBDukes wrote:
redtommy76 wrote:
My Ultra does this and I have an SD card that is nearly 100% empty.  I usually reboot to correct the issue.  Reset and new SD did not correct the issue

When you check via the system menu, does it show an SD card installed? How much space is used? It should indicate percentage, and that would likely be in relation to a 2 GB card, the largest Roku uses.

That message? Is it not letting you install stuff? Or is the prompt that comes when you launch an app, and it recommends you install a card. Because that's the message that Ultra usually gets if it doesn't have (or isn't compatible with) a microSD card. The message this post is about is the one where you can't even add an app, and had previously only been affecting Express models.

FYI. Roku recommended minimum for SD cards is 2GB not maximum. ... o-sd-card-

Try responding outside the quotes. It's much easier to read.

Since searching for small numbers is not supported on this forum, it'll take some time before I find where Roku support on this forum stated that 2 GB was the max it would use.

Still, look at my questions about the message. Are you certain it was the message that won't let you install apps? Not the recommendation to use microSD card?

I am certain of the message.  The provided link literally states a minimum 2GB card not maximum. 
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Re: Not enough space

Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:37 pm

redtommy76 wrote:
I am certain of the message. ... 

Exactly what does the message say? You've played the Pronoun Game. How about an exact quote of what it says? Because this is the first report of an Ultra showing the message that the Express had displayed.

Next time you get it, transcribe it here, along with what you were doing or attempting to do when it displayed. If this bug that was previously limited to the Express is impacting the Ultra, that's a major deal. Please be certain.
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Re: Not enough space

Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:01 pm

For anyone who is still seeing an error message when trying to add/install channels after performing a factory reset as described here:

Please PM me with the following:

- The model of Roku device you are seeing the issue on. 
- Your Roku account email address and the serial number of your device from Settings>System>About
- More details, including the number of channels you currently have added to your Roku account, whether or not you have tried using a micro-SD card (along with the results of that method)
- The exact, specific error message(s) you see on screen. 
- The date when you first observed this issue occurring. 

I'll follow up with you directly to see what other steps we may be able to recommend to help resolve the issue. 

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Re: Not enough space

Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:27 pm

I had the problem when trying to launch YouTube on Roku of the error message "Not Enough Space" and suggesting removing channels.  No matter how many channels I removed it never worked.  I would delete YouTube then re-add it and it would work only for that one launch. 
I did all updates, resetting, deleting and reinstalling, etc. but no matter what I would get the "Not Enough Space...remove channels".   Again, when deleting and reinstalling YouTube it would work that one time but the next time trying to launch I would get the error message. 
I finally deleted the YouTube app on Roku and reinstalled.  I launched YouTube.  On the PC I signed into my YouTube and deleted any connected channels.  I then paired it back with the Roku and now it is working. 
I know everyone is having different problems with YouTube or similar problems with other channels but I just wanted to mention what finally worked for me.  Much luck!

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