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Device "sleep" and wifi keep-awake

Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:28 pm

Now that I have a (TCL) Roku TV, I've learned that my former Roku box was basically always on and always keeping its wifi connection alive (but only drawing a watt or two in order to do so), while the default setting for Roku TV is to go into deep sleep and drop wifi. Nice for power savings (my Kill A Watt reports that the Roku TV draws all of zero watts when off :D) but a bit annoying while waiting for wifi to reconnect every time. The TV's "fast start" setting does what it says, but at the cost of drawing 16 watts when the tv is "off."  I can't help wondering why wifi-keep-alive on the TV requires so much more power than the same function on the standalone Roku box. Anyone know? 
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Re: Device "sleep" and wifi keep-awake

Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:44 pm

Just a guess on my part. but it's likely keeping the display in a low power mode to start it up quicker. The player has to display to energize, so draws far less power. 
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