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Is Roku a brand worth buying from anymore?

Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:32 am


When we purchase a product from a copy, we, the consumer, make an investment in that company. Reading some of the complaints, I am concerned if my past investments were intelligent or not and wonder if I should no longer advise my friends to purchase from Roku.

From ANY company I purchase from, I expect:

1) to be able to talk to a real person through their consumer services phone number. As of date, I am unable to do so with Roku.

2) to be able to email a customer support issue and get an answer with the promissed time frame. CASE ID #57537

3) That when I email one of your contacts directly, I get at least a courtesy email back. If he/she is out sick, someone needs to back her up.

First, I want you to know I just love your products and I have never had a problem until now, but what make a company a better company is how they react when their consumers have a problem, when their products no longer work.

Currently, I feel you are all SALES and NO SUPPORT. My R1000 no longer works. So, WHERE can I get it repaired? - can I mail it to you and you repair it? - do you have a list of approved technicians throughout the country, etc...

This service/information is also what I pay for when I purchase one of your products.

Soundbridge will disapper both as a product and a service if this keeps going on because one day, a competitor will see your marketing weakness and will deliver a good product WITH support and repair channels... and I dont want to see that happen, again, because I love your products (I have bought 5 soundbridges so far - given some as gifts - kept a few)

When I think about Roku, I would like to think: outstanding customer support - their products are well worth the price because company stands behind their product - etc..

So, Roku, how can we help you acheive this.

Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:48 am


That case # you quoted is a case # from Video Player support. Most likely your caes wasn't escalated once filed.

Please send me an email. I replied to the case in the video player queue, but I got an error so I wasn't sure if it sent.
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Partial Satisfaction

Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:43 pm

My post resulted in a prompt email from Roku and is appreciated.

I only wish I had found a web page dedicated to the issue of repairs.

Perhaps it exists - but I did not find it. Such a page should answer the questions: can I send you or someone else my unit for repair - what is the address - what is the cost - what is the address - how long does it take - should I send the remote also - will I get my unit back repair (my scratches if any) or a new unit (no scratches) or a refurbished unit (someone else's scratches) - how do I get an RMA when pertinent - will Roku insure the unit in case it gets lost or broken in transit.

Thank you Roku
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Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:16 am

> > > terrym

From the comments you've just written in your latest post I feel it's possibly time to get your eyes tested :wink:
This forum is inundated with posts from owners of R1000 radios that have failed, along with tips/answers about who to get to fix them.

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