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Shouldn't this subforum be closed?

Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:05 am

Before the People of Good Streaming Taste descend upon me - I realize Roku didn't promise me or anybody else that they'd implement any feature - but that goes along with my arguments.

1) Since the public 3.0 firmware release there's been basically no activity on the firmware front (yeah I know about the beta released in July 08)
2) From all the issues people brought up in this forum, very few have ever been implemented even when the firmware was under heavy development.
3) Having a feature request forum with stickies started by a Roku employee gives the impression that Roku is actively looking for suggestions by their customer base and would consider them for implementation. In the light of the above, this misleads both existing customers and potential customers.

I can only speak for myself, but I discovered this place before making my purchase decision and I thought "great - for the price of the unit not only do I get a unit that mostly does what I need it to, but the makers are also actively developing new features so I'll get more value over time". And.. at first I did. when I bought my box, it didn't do HE-AAC and after a firmware upgrade it did. But, that was the only feature that ever came and nowadays development seems to be centered around their Netflix player.
That's their prerogative but still this forum stands and tends to mislead other people. What's the point of going ahead and making your case for a feature if there's no chance that it'll ever be implemented? Why mislead potential buyers into thinking that they have a chance to get a missing feature implemented after they buy the box if that's never going to happen? I think it would be more honest towards both existing customers and prospective ones if at this point the forum would be closed with a little notice stating the reason why development has slowed down and that there simply aren't enough resources to go ahead full steam at this point (hey, we have a financial meltdown on our hands and businesses are cutting cost so that's as good a reason as any). If the situation ever changes, it could always be reopened and if not - we didn't buy a guarantee that our favorite missing features would be implemented so it is what it is and if we want certain features that Roku doesn't offer, we should look elsewhere.
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Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:14 am

Well-written, totally factual, all valid points, but regrettably should have been compiled for posting in the Soundbridge General Discussion forum as this forum now gets so few 'hits' these days. I agree with every point you made.
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Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:37 pm

Yes, would be honest.

But unfortunately it seems to be company policy not to officially admit that this product ha sreached it's end of liftime and support phase.

And closing this forum would be an admission. But well, anyone with eyes sees it anyway nowadays. It is just too obvious.
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Re: Shouldn't this subforum be closed?

Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:06 pm

humba wrote:
[...] Why mislead potential buyers into thinking that they have a chance to get a missing feature implemented after they buy the box if that's never going to happen?

I don't have a strong view as to this subforum, but do tend to agree that Roku has allowed their apparent support of the audio side to lapse.

In the Digital Video Player forum I posted a question about whether it would be possible to implement audio through the DVP (making it a DMP, I guess). The answer was that it would be possible and an employee claimed they were sort of looking at this and claimed to want our opinions as to whether it was a feature some of us would like to see.

In the end, I don't know how sincere this was. One of the things that happened is that some insisted that Roku would not want to do this from a business standpoint since it could in theory take away from Soundbridge sales, but I think some do not realize the extent to which Roku focus has been taken away from Soundbridge. Maybe sales are so great that they don't care, or maybe they do intend to phase out audio device development and focus on a Video or generalized Media device? If it is the latter, then maybe our Audio feature requests could in theory be implemented, but through the new generalized media device?

Anyway, the thread where I asked this question is here:

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