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Can Roku on netgear router shut down wireless connection?

Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:58 pm

Suddenly the wireless connection in my home office won't work at all. Works in the other rooms in my house, but even bringing a laptop into the office wipes out wireless on that, too. Restarted computer, restarted router, restarted modem. No go. The only thing different is that we just used Roku for the first time in probably a year....and I think we changed routers in between time, so it may never have been used on the Netgear router. The room the Roku is in is located just above the office. Office desktop computer only recognizes network on ethernet, but the laptops are working fine wireless in the rest of the house. Is this coincidence? Not a computer guru and no idea what to do next! Help!
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Re: Can Roku on netgear router shut down wireless connection

Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:36 pm

If the settings in your old router and the new one are the same, then shouldn't matter (SSID the same as before along with IP range and router IP etc). The Roku would be looking for the network "name" by its SSID you put in the router (assuming you did, otherwise it would be the default which is different from one brand of router to another). The only way I see the roku messing up your wireless network is if its interfering with another device with the same IP. My suggestion is to go back through the setup of your roku and let it find the wireless network again.
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