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Cannot connect to a Netgear wn2000rpt extender sometimes

Thu May 05, 2011 12:54 pm

Here is what i can do:
1. The Roku players was connecting to our range extender when it was pushing a 192.168 ip address pool
2. The Roku player connect through my palm pre when it is pushing a 10.0 ip address pool
3. Cannot connect to the range extender while it is pushing the 10.0 ip address pool while other devices and computers can.
I was using cox for my broad band and a linksys wireless router hence the 192.168 ips. Have been using my Mytether for the palmpre to see if it was realistic to get rid of my broadband and found yes i can watch movies and stream music as well as surf the internet all through my sprint wireless account! I decided to turn of the Cox service and rely on just my cell phone. The cell phone does not transmit as far as the router so the extender helps me cover the whole house just like it did for the cox service since the router was in a far corner of the house.

The Netgear wn2000rpt was working fine for the roku player but now it will not connect to the network even though my pc and ipods all have no problem using the mobile hotspot. The player does connect to the network directly through the phone while all my other devices are connecting through the extender. This is very strange behavior. Does anyone have any idea? I am not complaining just looking for some solution such that my phone does not have to be close to the TV.


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