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Pinnacle Soundbridge Homemusic wifi setup

Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:22 pm

I'm working in France, and have just got an internet connection with a router and wifi. I took my Soundbridge with me hoping to connect it to the wifi. The Soundbridge sees the network, but I have a problem with the password entry.

My wifi needs both an identifier AND a password to be entered, but the Soundbridge only expects a single password. Is there a way around this? My laptop identifies the wifi as type 802.11n with WPA2-PSK security. I have also updated the Soundbridge software to version 3.0.44

I have tried entering just the password, but received a message that it was expecting a different format. So I next entered the "identifiant" as the password, which it seemed happy with and rebooted, except it then couldn't connect to the network, presumably because it was now missing the actual password.
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Re: Pinnacle Soundbridge Homemusic wifi setup

Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:44 am

Hi barrybaker,

welcome to the forums.

First of all the SoundBridge only supports 802.11b (11 MBit/s), so please make sure your router's Wi-Fi mode is set to something like "n/g/b", "g/b" or "mixed mode".

My wifi needs both an identifier AND a password to be entered

That's very unusual. What's the make and model of your router?

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