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How to update 14x HD1010 over Network?

Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:57 am

Hi there,
We like to install 14pcs of HD1010, one master and 13 slaves, all in the same isolated LAN. The players are installed on the ceiling and it's not possible to change the contents over SD-Card manually. So we have to use the network. How is the best way to do this? Is it possible to use the standard scheduling tool, so that we can create playlists and update them in the simple networking mode?
thanks for your help!

Re: How to update 14x HD1010 over Network?

Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:39 pm

There are three ways you can do network updates currently. But, all of them require that you put setup files on the flash card in the brightsign before you can actually publish updates to them. You can't install them, and then do the setup files after the fact. Also, each unit will require an sd card.

1. You can setup a unit into the BrightSign network
2. You can setup a unit to connect to a folder on a webserver and get updates published to that folder.
3. Using BrightAuthor 2.3 beta, you can setup a BrightSign so BrightAuthor can publish to it directly.

1. BrightSign Network, Hosted Service - You can setup the unit to connect to our hosted service, to a brightsign network manager account. We can setup a 30-day trial account. Please watch the BrightSign network videos in the tutorial section at ... gn-network

More details about how exactly Brightsign Network Setup works: ... work-setup

2. Simple Networking ( Web servers) - Use any web server to update BrightSigns remotely. For step by step directions on using Simple Networking: ... -and-usage

3. Local Networking (BrightAuthor 2.3)
Publish directly to the BrightSign using BrightAuthor. See video below for details. ...

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