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Re: Closed caption / subtitle text support

Fri May 03, 2013 12:51 pm

beq wrote:
I know that both HBO GO and VUDU have CC support through some devices, but has it been added via each corresponding Roku channel?

Apparently not at this time. I don't see anything about captions in either channel UI.

From the HBO Go FAQs ("Features" section):
Can I watch shows on HBO GO with closed captions?

You can watch the majority of shows on HBO GO with closed captions. At this time, closed captions for HBO GO are available on for desktop/laptop (or via browsers on some other devices), on supported iOS devices, and on certain 2011 and 2012 Samsung Smart TVs. HBO is actively working to expand closed captioning of its online video programming for other platforms. (Please note that certain software and equipment may not support closed captions. To see if your device supports closed captions, please check with your device manufacturer.)

From the VUDU's FAQ:
Does VUDU offer closed captioning?

VUDU now offers closed captioning on, Sony Playstation 3 and Apple iOS devices. We will be supporting other devices, such as VUDU enabled Blu-Ray players and TVs, very soon.

To turn on closed captioning while watching a movie or TV show on or Apple iOS devices, click on the icon with the quotation marks on the bottom of the playback window and toggle it to "English". Please note that you will have to exit out of full screen mode on iOS devices to see this option.

On a Sony Playstation® 3, you will need to enable closed captions under My VUDU -> Info and Settings -> Closed Captions. Once this is set, you can toggle closed captions by hitting the "X" button on your controller, then clicking the icon with the quotation marks and selecting "English".

When a movie or TV show offers closed captioning, you will find "Available Subtitles: English" under the movie's detail page.

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