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ROKU 3 no signal through Denon 1909 AVR

Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:00 am

I got a Roku 3 about a 6 weeks ago and successfully set it up to pass through my Denon 1909 AVR. I set it up through HDMI 3 and had no problems for the first month. Now I turn it on my TV and set my input to HDMI 3 and get a "check signal cable" message on TV.

I've tried using a different HDMI cable that I know works and also have tried changing to a different HDMI port on my receiver that I know works (and changed the input) but still no luck. To make sure it was not the port on the Roku, I plugged the HDMI cable to my TV and was able to get a signal and successfully access my Amazon account. It appears to be a problem on the pass through, but not sure why it was working initially and now won't even get a signal.

I thought I might have run a new Auydessy setting in that time so I tried turning it off and still no luck.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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