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LPCM DVD's in mPlay

Wed May 17, 2006 2:23 pm

I finally came upon a DVD movie that used (for some reason) LPCM for the audio track. I had read a few threads here about the multi-step process to convert the audio to AC3, such that it will play properly on mPlay.

Just thought I would share my experience with ratDVD which was a simple two step process: convert to a ratDVD file (with automatic conversion of the audio to AC3), and then converting back to DVD format.

The ratDVD file for the 4GB DVD was around 1.8GB. I set the video to maximum quality on the encoding, and it looks fine once decoded. Audio/video sync was perfect. Took a bit of time on a 2.4Ghz machine (once decrypted ;-), but easier than dealing with TMPenc, etc. (+/- $$$) Just set it to run, come back after work, and enjoy.

ratDVD is free! Plus, all the menus and extra features of the DVD are retained.
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It is really??

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