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Can't play any *.wav nor *.m4a (aac) non drm

Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:10 am


my Roku M1001 is associated to a common router (fritz 7270 v2, no firefly). It finds without any problem all mp3 on the connected usb-hdd and it finds the *.wav files and *.m4a too but it can't read and play the songs "because of its format".

No matter if I ripped with EAC or WMP12 or foobar or what .... always the same msg "because of its format" with n "X" marked instead of the music key. Other gadget (Teac NP-H750) finds the wav and plays with no problem. I can also surf the content of the USB with a mobile phone and send to the Roku the mp3 (it plays those) and can send the wav to the Roku but it doesnt play them "because of its format". No matter if I use the COAX out or the TOSLINK OUT.

The usb-hdd is format FAT32 (OS in Win7 x32) and I repeat it finds all the mp3-stuff on it.

Where is the failure, what do I wrong?

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